About Us

What is this?

The Yellow Passport is a travel blog born from my love for adventure and how it has driven me to search for those place that just make you gasp of excitement... where you just have to admire the greatness. Every time I visit a new place, I try to get that wonderful feeling, which now I want to share with you all.

The name itself came up as inspiration from the sun, and how reaches almost every beautiful place in the world. So join me in my quest for finding all this great locations where the sun shines and we feel amazed.


Who am I?

Im a biologist and soon to be mechanical engineer from Costa Rica who loves visiting new places. I work on EY, helping business become sustainable with the Climate Change and Sustainability Services team, so sustainability is my passion and looking for sustainable options is what I aim for when travelling.

I always had this feeling about getting to know my own country before going worldwide… but now and then, I get the opportunity to travel around and you must never waste a chance to see new locations! On this page, you will see a map of both my country and the rest of the world, from which you will be able to see where I’ve been, and from there on, read about everything I experienced in the area. I hope my knowledge, trips and thrills can become useful to you when travelling! 

Arenal volcano