Cocos Island, Costa Rica

Basically, my favourite place in the whole planet! If you are into diving, this place is known to be one of the best spots in the world. Sharks, sharks, sharks and more sharks everywhere!!!! If you choose the right time, you can get to see over 1000 hammerhead sharks per dive…its amazing! This little island in the middle of the Eastern Pacific, is our country’s more precious jewel, as well as a UNESCO world heritage place, and a really important natural ecosystem where sharks from all over the pacific come to gather at clean stations. And, besides this really cool underwater experience, you have an amazing green and wild island, surrounded with waterfalls that make you feel like the island is crying! Its one of a kind, which explains why it was used in Jurassic Park as the island!!

I will basically upload a video from my time there… its a little bit long (10 min) but you can see what living there for an entire month means!!

The first part is about what you can do inland, then in the middle I have some footage from when I went down 1000 ft with the Argo’s DeepSee submarine, and the last and best part, the dives! Keep in mind that I was working, so I didn’t have the opportunity to dive that often so I actually got bad footage when compared with everyone that goes just to dive, so if you go, either with Okeanos or UnderSea Hunter Group, you will be able to dive up to 4 dives per day for seven days, including thrilling night dives and more amazing diving spots!!  I most definitely recommend it… its worth every penny.

Finalmente tuve tiempo de MEDIO editar para compartirles un video de lo perfecta que es la isla y lo bien que la pase 😍😊 Sergio Ruiz Manfred Peters Luis Javier Ruiz Isabel Escalante Ana G. Feoli Aubert Ana Saavedra Sylvia De Pass David Gonzalez Margarita Martínez Kienzlen Las primeras tomas (helicóptero) y algunas fotos tristemente no son mias jaja. Y el video del tigre lo grabó Nestor Rago

Posted by Marianne Feoli on Friday, June 2, 2017


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