Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Hi guys! To be honest this blog is really new, so I don't have many common questions yet, but feel free to contact me directly through my email and I can clarify any doubts.

How do you afford most trips?

Being a biologist has helped me know a lot of beautiful places both inside my country and outside, by doing university field trips, being hired for several works, presenting at symposiums, etc; I have gotten to know many really exclusive destinations, and a lot of famous ones. So keep in mind that your profession can help you fulfil more than one dream!

Can you visit my hotel/tour/country?

I'm open to invitations to visit any place and will gladly write all about it. Just go ahead and contact me at

Can I sponsor you?

As I said at the beginning of this section, this blog is very new and all kinds of sponsorships are welcome. So if you are interested in sponsoring my project, just contact me at