Puerto San Luis – Arenal Lagoon (Tilarán, Guanacaste)

Last week I got to know a new place in Costa Rica that I didn’t knew existed and I am already counting the days to be back there! Puerto San Luis is one little area in front of the Arenal Lagoon in Tilarán. Over there, you get to see the “Renewable Energy Area” of Costa Rica. It is all full of eolic wind mills and the landscape is just gorgeous! But that is not all, if you like kitesurfing, or wakeboarding, this is your place! I went wakeboarding the whole weekend and I just couldn’t get enough… the views, the sunsets, the colours, I don’t know… there was something about that place that just made me gasp of excitement! 

To get there, we drove towards Guanacaste and took the exit to Tilarán, so we spend about 3 hours getting there. We rented a beautiful house with a view of the lake and brought our own dingy and wakeboard, so we spent the entire  day in the water! Check out some fotos and more information on the bottom.

The view from the house

As you can see on the photo to the right, the place is very colourful. There are plenty of trees and windmills all around, and if the day is glassy, you can drive around the lake and see the volcano! Sadly, that wasn’t our case so we had to stay on the no-wind zone to wakeboard. But it is always a possibility !!! Check out some photos from the day and the gorgeous sunset we had:

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The view of the volcano from the catamaran

If you ever want to visit, you can contact fly zone.  A pro wakeboarder called Collin Harrington opened a wakeboarding school here, and he can both teach you or just pull you around.

Another option could be to rent a boat, but I’m honestly not sure where; or you could just enjoy the lake in a cataman.

The place is gorgeous and a must if you enjoy a great view and a wakeboarding trip.

As for where to stay and how to get there, if you can drive, you use waze and it will take you there, but if you want to get there by public transportation, you can grab a bus towards Tilaran, and then ask a taxi to take you there. The taxi must cost you a maximum of $50 dollars, could be less.

As for where to stay, must hotels are in really bad conditions, so unless you are in a really tight budget, consider making a reservation for a house in Condominio Buena Vista. I put a link for reservation but google it and you will find more!

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