Rio Celeste – Tenorio National Park (Bijagua, Alajuela)

Take a couple of day to visit this impressive place near Upala, Guanacaste. After walking for about 2 h, you will arrive to a waterfall with an extraordinary light blue colour, product of the minerals on the rocks! If you keep walking, you will arrive at the baths and hot springs, where you see how the water changes its colour. Wonderful place, beautiful walk, totally recommended. 

What is there to do

There isn’t that much to do in the place itself besides walking to the park’s river. Depending on where you are staying, you can walk on the trails of your hotel, go birdwatching, horseback riding, kayaking on Rio Frio, take a tour to the vicinity or a night walk. The best choice would be to stay only one night and then go to the Arenal Volcano or to some Guanacaste beach. 

There is no nightlife that I know of!


I did’t visit any restaurant, but the food on Celeste Mountain Lodge was great!

I know the town of Bijagua does have restaurants. 


I stayed at the Celeste Mountain Lodge. It is a really nice ecolodge, that has its own trails, cultivates its own food and generates its own energy. They also offer tours around the place and vicinity. You can take a night walk tour with them and go see some colourful frogs and snakes! If you are looking for other options, check also the Tenorio Lodge, Cataratas Bijagua Lodge, Heliconias Lodge, Vista Miravalles Hotel and Hotel Cacao. 


  • There are several direct buses from San Jose, Cañas or Liberia, to Bijagua but you cannot take a bus to the Park (you will need a taxi and it has to be prearranged or you will find no one there). Consider it is usually the bus towards Upala. 
  • It is important to know that the Tenorio National Park visitor’s center is about 12 kilometers from the highway (not a walking distance).
  • You can always take a taxi on Liberia or so, to get there, which is a 1h drive, but it will cost you about $80 bucks. 

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