Rio Celeste – Tenorio National Park (Bijagua, Alajuela)

Take a couple of day to visit this impressive place near Upala, Guanacaste. After walking for about 2 h, you will arrive to a waterfall with an extraordinary light blue colour, product of the minerals on the rocks! If you keep walking, you will arrive at the baths and hot springs, where you see how the water changes its colour. Wonderful place, beautiful walk, totally recommended. 

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Jaco and Hermosa (Puntarenas, Costa Rica)

For me, Jaco is the go spend one or two days to surf, eat great and skate, kind of beach. I like the town during the day, it is actually the best place to buy and repair surf boards and the food is really good… in fact, my favourite restaurants are there! But the beach itself isn’t so nice, it is not that clean, and if you are searching for waves, playa Hermosa right next to it is better. Don’t get me wrong, I like Jaco… my best friend’s aunt lives there so we go a lot: we surf, we move around either with a bicycle or a skateboard, we do yoga and we eat delicious! But if you are visiting from out of the country and want to see beautiful places, trust me, you can do better. 

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