Chirripo Mountain

The Chirripo Mountain is the tallest Peak in Costa Rica. After walking about 14 km uphill (you better be trained or ready for it), you start to see a completely different and unique ecosystem, passing from the tropical rainforest green vegetation, to one with¬†lighter colours like yellow and brownish… and yet, you can feel the place is so much alive! You start to feel like you are in a completely different country, its a different temperature, different scenery and different topography, it is so refreshing! The last 2 km (17km later), you start climbing the last peak and then you are there, 3820 m (12,533 ft) over the sea level, the tallest place in the country. It feels so satisfying! And if you walk in the early morning, and you get there before the sunrise, find a nice spot looking towards the Chirripo National Park Sign and wait to see one of the most amazing sunrises of your life! ¬† Continue reading “Chirripo Mountain”