Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a beautiful small country, known as the happiest country in the world… which is totally explainable if you come and see it for yourself! The beaches are colourful and wonderful, we have huge rainforests holding approximately 5% of the world’s biodiversity (in such a small area), 5 active volcanoes, great food, no army and all kinds of services and activities. So if you love the beach, nature, or just feeling peaceful and relaxed, this is definitely your place.  Continue reading “Costa Rica”

La Cruz: El Jobo, Rajada Beach, Copal, Junquillal and Cuajiniquil (Guanacaste, Costa Rica)

The reason I am talking about all of them together, is because if you go to one, you might as well go to all! Being one next to the other, this beaches are all really different. Rajada Beach is my personal favourite, having a refreshing breeze, a wonderful light blue ocean, surrounding vegetation that will make some shadow if you want it, white-yellowish sand, a lot of privacy and the best part: sea turtles! Next to it, you have El Jobo beach, which was just as beautiful as Rajada, but now it has an all-inclusive hotel on it, although it is still great for snorkeling, and watching sunsets and sea turtles. Copal beach is famous for kitesurfing. It is located on Salinas Bay, where the wind blows real hard, making it perfect to practice this sport, and gorgeous to look at. Junquillal is a small National Wildlife Refuge and a small beach that is great for camping and swimming. Cuajiniquil on the other side, is mostly a port, but if you want to go diving or snorkeling, this is a great place to do so, being able to see the biggest live coral formations we still have in our pacific ocean (excluding Cocos Island).  Continue reading “La Cruz: El Jobo, Rajada Beach, Copal, Junquillal and Cuajiniquil (Guanacaste, Costa Rica)”

Jaco and Hermosa (Puntarenas, Costa Rica)

For me, Jaco is the go spend one or two days to surf, eat great and skate, kind of beach. I like the town during the day, it is actually the best place to buy and repair surf boards and the food is really good… in fact, my favourite restaurants are there! But the beach itself isn’t so nice, it is not that clean, and if you are searching for waves, playa Hermosa right next to it is better. Don’t get me wrong, I like Jaco… my best friend’s aunt lives there so we go a lot: we surf, we move around either with a bicycle or a skateboard, we do yoga and we eat delicious! But if you are visiting from out of the country and want to see beautiful places, trust me, you can do better. 

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